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NeatMouse Version History

v1.05.005 (25 May 2020)
  • Chinese Simplified translation (thanks to Yanstime).
  • a bunch of UI fixes and internal improvements.
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v1.05.004 (01 April 2020)
  • a fix to properly take mouse speed settings into account.
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v1.05.003 (23 March 2020)
  • some fixes for multi-monitor systems;
  • a bunch of under-the-hood improvements.
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v1.05.002 (02 October 2019)
  • general stability improvements;
  • fix for the issue which prevented from using modifier keys normally.
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v1.05.001 (01 June 2018)
  • UI updates;
  • update website URL;
  • fix for the Russian translation.
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v1.05.000 (06 December 2016)
  • fix for Shift as activation modifier;
  • removed donation button;
  • removed update checker.
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v1.04.000 (15 July 2016)
  • rearranged settings pane;
  • unbind modifier is replaced with the activation modifier;
  • removed the delay at the beginning of mouse movement;
  • an assigned modifier key cannot be used any more in the activation hotkey combination.
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v1.03.003 (30 May 2016)
  • fix settings saving issue in non-portable version.
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v1.03.002 (22 April 2016)
  • a new installer;
  • fix for the update checker;
  • small look and feel improvements.
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v1.03.001 (01 June 2015)
  • updated main window;
  • sticky keys.
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v1.02.064 (30 December 2014)
  • Romanian translation.
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v1.02.062 (04 November 2014)
  • option to disable activation notifications.
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v1.02.060 (17 March 2014)
  • interface clean up;
  • Greek translation.
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v1.02.058 (26 December 2013)
  • option to start with emulation activated;
  • fixed some potential instabilities.
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v1.02.055 (23 December 2012)
  • fixed screensaver inhibition;
  • added high DPI support;
  • added ability to run NeatMouse at startup;
  • fixes in translations;
  • other small fixes and modifications.
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v1.02.050 (08 June 2012)
  • Italian, Polish and Ukrainian localizations.
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v1.02.046 (09 May 2012)
  • cursor overlay that indicates the activated emulation now appears near all cursors rather than near text cursor only;
  • ability to check for updates on program startup;
  • other interface fixes and improvements.
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v1.02.043 (02 May 2012)
  • added no-emulation modifier;
  • added ability to activate or deactivate emulation from the system tray menu;
  • added ability to activate emulation with hotkey;
  • added bindings for diagonal mouse moves;
  • any binding can now be removed and remain empty;
  • fixed bug with sending multiple mouse buttons press events when holding the corresponding keyboard button;
  • many other interface fixes and improvements.
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v1.01.030 (24 March 2012)
  • added ability to move mouse pointer diagonally by pressing appropriate button simultaneously;
  • tray balloons that signalize if program has been started minimized, emulation has been activated or deactivated;
  • added option to show the NeatMouse icon near text cursor if emulation is activated;
  • only one instance of NeatMouse can be running;
  • minor fixes and improvements.
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v1.01.025 (05 March 2012)
  • updated interface;
  • custom user settings;
  • added option to minimize program at startup;
  • a number of bug fixes and improvements.
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v1.00.001 (27 January 2012)
  • controlling mouse pointer, clicks and scroll with keyboard;
  • regular and alternate pointer speed.
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