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NeatMouse 1.02.055 – Christmas update

xmass-mouseThe new version of our mouse emulator – NeatMouse 1.02.055 – has been released these days.

In this release:

  • fixed screensaver inhibition;
  • added high DPI support;
  • added ability to run NeatMouse at startup;
  • fixes in translations;
  • other small fixes and modifications.

This Christmas release of NeatMouse targeted several problems discovered by our users.

One of them is screensaver inhibition; it turned out, that running NeatMouse (even with emulation disabled) prevented operating system to show screensaver – and, consequently, go to sleep mode etc. After some investigation the source of the problem has been detected and fixed.

Also we discovered that if some high DPI settings are used in operating system, the main window of NeatMouse is not being resized correctly, and thus some controls are obscured. Again, this issue has been targeted and should be resolved now.

And now, if you open About box of NeatMouse, you will find there an option which enables starting NeatMouse with the computer startup:

NeatMouse about boxAmong the other good news we are happy to say that the latest end of the world was unable to change the address of NeatMouse home page.

And last, but not least: Merry Christmas!