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NeatMouse 1.05.003 – Minor update

Hi everyone,

Today we’re releasing the update version of NeatMouse, which includes:

  • some fixes for multi-monitor systems with HiDPI settings;
  • and a bunch of minor internal changes.

NeatMouse 1.05.003 proudly running on Windows XP

NeatMouse still runs on all Windows operating systems starting from Windows XP. This generally means that it can’t use most of the new Windows features, including the ones related to the support of multiple monitors with different DPI/scaling settings. However newest Windows versions can automatically accommodate the software using its legacy API, and this release helps Windows to perform this task.

The most recent download page remains unchanged:

MD5: 389921ed06ed20f804bdc3623520f487  neatmouse-1.05.003-setup.exe

Stay safe and think of others!