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NeatMouse 1.05.002 – Minor update
Hello, Today’s update, NeatMouse 1.05.002, addresses the issue due to which NeatMouse was preventing the normal usage of Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys if they were set up as modifiers during the emulation. In addition to this, the release includes many changes under … Continue reading

Detwinner Linux Edition 0.2.2
Detwinner 0.2.2 contains a bunch of fixes and improvements, among them: ignoring symlinks when comparing files; properly resolving file deletion status; overall performance improvements. But the greatest news of this week is the fact that Detwinner is now published on … Continue reading

Detwinner Linux Edition 0.2.1
Detwinner 0.2.1 is the minor update which includes the changes in the AppStream metadata to improve the way in which Detwinner is integrated with different software package managers. Usual downloads page: