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    Search presets - Masks - Folder protection - Smart and regexp selection - Safe deleting - Preview

Detwinner Linux Edition 0.4.1
Hello everyone! A quick update for Detwinner for Linux – updated Dutch and Italian translators (thanks to our great contributors), and a small improvement to make the setting of showing (or not) hidden files in the search pane persistent: As … Continue reading

Detwinner Linux Edition 0.4.0
Good morning everyone, While the search settings were present in Detwinner from the very first release, they were quite well hidden behind the gear icons in the search mode selection dropdown list: This was not common with regards to GNOME … Continue reading

NeatMouse 1.05.005 – Minor update
Today’s release of NeatMouse includes the Simplified Chinese translation kindly provided by Yanstime. You can download the updated version from either of: NeatMouse home page NeatMouse dedicated Github release page e23c1b7b9ff0b0b9ff68349e41b86c92 neatmouse-1.05.005-setup.exe