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Western news show horrific things about the war of Russia against Ukraine. However it seems that the people don’t even realize the scale of the atrocities which Russians invaders commit. Nothing similar has happened in Europe since WWII.

Ukrainians resist the 6th day being outnumbered by the technically superior enemy. Enemy which failed in achieving his tasks and now commits war crimes by shelling residential areas, kindergartens, hospitals, civil infrastructure, trying to seed terror and panic among the population.

As history shows, the war comes next to those who stand aside. Instead, please stand by Ukrainian people by supporting the Ukrainian army. You can do it through the donations to the charitable funds:

You can also look for the local organizations supporting Ukrainian population in your area: bring food, clothes, medical supplies.

We are in the WWIII now, with only Ukraine fighting for the rest of the world.

Don’t stay aside. Thank you.