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Detwinner 2.02.290 – Minor update

Detwinner 2.02.290 – a new version of neat duplicate file finder – released on August 20, 2012.

In this release:

  • fixed bug which caused Detwinner crash under certain circumstances after finishing duplicates search;
  • added ability to sort duplicate groups in the duplicates pane;
  • added ability to sort files in duplicate groups in the duplicates pane.

It turned out that in rare cases, under certain circumstances, Detwinner could fail to show found duplicate files. Now this flaw is fixed and forgotten about.

The new feature that has been added to Detwinner in this release is ability to sort the list of duplicate files. This can be performed either at the group level or at file level (sorting files inside each group).

Detwinner sorting

Duplicate groups can be sorted by number of files in group, total size of files in group, and size of a single file in group. The last option is not available if the search has been made in Similar images mode. That’s because for this mode in general case the size of each file in a group can be different. To sort the groups of duplicates, click Sort by button in the action pane, and select the option of interest. Clicking on the same item changes the search order: ascending or descending.

Files inside groups can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate headers in the duplicate list. As you can see, files can be sorted by name, folder, size, date of last modification, creation, last access, and remark. For similar images search, additional option for sorting is resolution. In this case the total resolution will be taken into account (multiplication of width and height of the image).

The other good news for today is that our payment processing partner, Plimus, has added option to perform payments via WebMoney. You can check whether your country is included in WebMoney network on Detwinner purchase page:

And the homepage of Detwinner is still the same: