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NeatMouse 1.04.000 – Major update

Dear all,

We’re glad to announce the new major release of our mouse emulator – NeatMouse 1.04.000.

The most noticeable changes comprise:

  1. Rearranged settings pane.
  2. Replacement of the Unbind key with the Activation modifier.
  3. Removal of the key repeat delay when moving mouse pointer.

Let’s look at each of them in detail.

1. Rearranged settings pane

Due to the continuously increasing number of settings it was getting more and more cumbersome it the latest releases. We must admit that it still remains such, but now settings are functionally grouped: when in the advanced view, the key bindings for mouse movement and button action are now placed it two separate groups. Other settings group allows configuring mouse pointer’s speed, as well as the miscellaneous settings related to the startup and interface which migrated here from the Activation group.

screen-1_04_000-advancedThe basic mode provides the most useful key bindings in a single Quick settings group – this includes horizontal and vertical mouse movements plus the mouse buttons.


2. Replacement of the Unbind key with the Activation modifier

The initial goal of the Unbind (or no emulation) modifier was to allow using keyboard buttons taken by NeatMouse without disabling the emulation (it has been introduced in the 1.02.043 release more than 4 years ago).

In the real life the unbind mode has been proven as confusing and quite difficult to use. As it was pointed out by our users, more logical way would be to have an ability to emulate mouse only when a selected modifier button (i.e. Ctrl, Shift or Alt) is pressed. This is the exact meaning of a new Activation modifier option: when the emulation mode is activated (with a hotkey or one of the Lock buttons), the actual emulation will require also a selected Activation modifier to be pressed. Of course, unless [None] was selected as the Activation modifier.


3. Removal of the key repeat delay when moving mouse pointer

In the other words, with a new release you should not experience any delay when pressing and holding a keyboard key responsible for a mouse movement.


An important note for the users of latest VERSION OF Windows

Due to the improved security mechanisms, Windows does not allow emulating mouse in the applications which are running at the higher privilege level than the emulator itself. A simple example is the Task Manager of Windows 10: when switching to it with NeatMouse, no emulation is available any more. The only way to tackle this issue is to run NeatMouse as an administrator. If you have decided to do so, don’t forget the importance of downloading NeatMouse from the official website!

The link remains the same:

Take care!