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NeatMouse 1.01.030 – Minor update

NeatMouse 1.01.030 – keyboard mouse emulator – released on March 24, 2012.

In this release:

  • added ability to move mouse pointer diagonally by pressing appropriate button simultaneously;
  • tray balloons that signalize if program has been started minimized, emulation has been activated or deactivated;
  • added option to show the NeatMouse icon near text cursor if emulation is activated;
  • only one instance of NeatMouse can be running;
  • minor fixes and improvements.

To avoid confusion when editing texts with enabled NeatMouse emulation, we added an option to show a little icon near the text cursor when emulation is active:

NeatMouse cursor icon

The same goals are pursued by the informational balloons that appear in the system tray when the emulation state is being changed, or when NeatMouse starts minimized.

Check NeatMouse 1.01.030 right now!