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Detwinner Version History

v2.03.009 (08 August 2018)
  • proper sorting of files and folders in the selection tree;
  • improved stability, performance and memory consumption of the similar images search.
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v2.03.008 (07 May 2018)
  • improvements for the performance and stability of similar images search process;
  • minor updates for the user interface;
  • fixed automatic update checker.
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v2.03.007 (29 Sep 2017)
  • fixed a glitch with folder selection.
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v2.03.006 (10 Jul 2017)
  • fixed possible crashes which could occur when searching for similar images;
  • fixed several memory leaks;
  • overall performance and stability improvements.
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v2.03.005 (30 Jan 2017)
  • performance and stability improvements.
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v2.03.004 (22 Aug 2016)
  • performance and stability improvements.
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v2.03.003 (30 May 2016)
  • fix settings saving issue in non-portable version.
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v2.03.002 (22 April 2016)
  • fix for the update checker;
  • small look and feel improvements.
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v2.03.001 (20 July 2015)
  • ability to toggle the advanced view;
  • improved multi-monitor support;
  • more efficient similar images search;
  • localization fixes;
  • updated installer;
  • official support of Windows 10.
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v2.02.360 (14 January 2014)
  • interface cleanup;
  • stability fixes.
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v2.02.358 (12 October 2013)
  • improved performance of similar images search.
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v2.02.324 (08 April 2013)
  • fixed bug with disappeared key icon on the duplicate selection pane;
  • added high DPI support;
  • improved performance and memory footprint of similar images search;
  • other small fixes and improvements.
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v2.02.290 (20 August 2012)
  • fixed bug which caused Detwinner crash under certain circumstances after finishing duplicates search;
  • added ability to sort duplicate groups in the duplicates pane;
  • added ability to sort files in duplicate groups in the duplicates pane.
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v2.02.270 (08 June 2012)
  • Polish and Ukrainian localizations.
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v2.02.262 (30 May 2012)
  • folder tree allows selecting individual files rather than folders only;
  • fixed bug that caused program crash in rare cases during image search;
  • minor interface improvements.
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v2.02.255 (07 May 2012)
  • ability to set priority for duplicates search, delete and select processes;
  • ability to check for program updates on startup;
  • by default, new search presets have .dll, .drv, .exe, .inf, .ini, .lnk, .sys files in the ignore list;
  • other minor fixes and improvements.
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v2.02.250 (10 April 2012)
  • additional options to constrain search (creation and last access dates, more file attributes);
  • new options for smart selection;
  • slightly improved performance of duplicate files and similar images search;
  • automatic detection and selecting program language on the first run;
  • a number of minor fixes and improvements.
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v2.01.230 (04 April 2012)
  • drastically improved performance of similar images search, both in speed and memory consumption;
  • introduced ability to export the report on duplicate files found to CSV, HTML and XML file formats;
  • small fixes and improvements in the interface.
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v2.00.160 (10 March 2012)
  • main window is not maximized at startup by default;
  • fixed progress indication during deletion of duplicate files;
  • progress indication is integrated with Windows 7 toolbar now;
  • optimized memory usage;
  • added option to ignore rotations during similar image search;
  • small fixes in the interface.
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v2.00.133 (08 February 2012)
  • fixes in French and German localizations;
  • several small bug fixes;
  • small interface fixes.
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v2.00.130 (03 January 2012)
  • ability to create new folder when selecting one for backuping duplicates;
  • ability to delete empty folders that appear when deleting duplicates;
  • fixed crash that took place in some cases when searching for similar images;
  • small interface fixes.
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v2.00.128 (28 November 2011)
  • similar images search;
  • upgraded preview pane;
  • improved interface and functionality.
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v1.02.051 (22 September 2011)
  • portable installation out of the box;
  • minor installer fixes;
  • multi-language support (English, German, French, Russian);
  • support of long paths (exceeding 260 characters) while searching duplicates;
  • minor interface fixes.
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v1.01.019 (03 September 2011)
  • fixed bug with freezing of duplicate result tree under certain conditions.
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v1.01.018 (02 September 2011)
  • duplicate files can be selected for deletion with regular expressions now;
  • each group of duplicate files can be selected by individual rule with right mouse click;
  • fixed bug that appeared when creating a new search preset with already existing name;
  • fixed numeric options saving;
  • updated installer;
  • minor interface tweaks and fixes.
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v1.00.008 (24 August 2011)
  • minor interface fixes;
  • link to online help in the Help menu.
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v1.00.001 (22 August 2011)
  • search for duplicates in multiple folders;
  • presets management and 6 preinstalled ones;
  • wildcards for scan & ignore masks;
  • list of folders to protect;
  • skip hidden and system files, file with specified size and date;
  • smart selection: first/last in group, newest/oldest, with longest/shortest file name or path;
  • deletion types: permanent, recycle bin, backup folder;
  • file preview (including images);
  • watching search progress in the real time.
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