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Detwinner 2.02.255 – Minor update

Detwinner 2.02.255 – the fastest duplicate file finder – updated on May 7, 2012.

In this release:

  • ability to set priority for duplicates search, delete and select processes;
  • ability to check for program updates on startup;
  • by default, new search presets have .dll, .drv, .exe, .inf, .ini, .lnk, .sys files in the ignore list;
  • other minor fixes and improvements.

To grant more control over the handling of duplicate files, we’ve introduced the ability to specify the priority for processed of searching, deleting and selecting duplicates. This can be done from the appropriate progress dialog:

Priority of duplicate files search

With this feature you can customize the way in which Detwinner uses your system resources either to maximize its speed or to minimize its impact on your primary work tasks.


To increase the safety of such dangerous process as deleting duplicate files, now each new search preset (and also each predefined one, if this is your first Detwinner run) will contain in its ignore list the extensions that are possibly needed by the operating system:

System extensions to ignore


One more improvement in this version is automatic update check at the program startup. If new version of Detwinner is found on our server, this will be signalized by the balloon in the system tray:

Detwinner update notifier

This feature can be disabled in the Detwinner about box. If you are registered user, you can also manually check for updates there:

Detwinner about box

The new version of Detwinner can be downloaded from the same place.

Have a nice week!