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Detwinner 2.03.001 – Major update

Hello everyone,

It’s time to present an updated version of Detwinner – 2.03.001.

detwinner-2-03-001It features a nice set of changes:

  • first of all, you are not presented any more with that scary search setting pane by default – instead, like the last release of NeatMouse, your may activate it with an Advanced view button:
  • interface and some translations are cleaned up (better multi-monitor support);
  • more robust and efficient search of similar images;
  • updated installer;
  • from now on – official support of Windows 10;
  • and last but not least – improved price tag: now you can get the full license for 1.99 € (or approximately $2.16 – as per today’s exchange rate).

So don’t hesitate and give a try to Detwinner!