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Detwinner v1.02.051 – Major update

Detwinner 1.02.051 – neat duplicate file finder – released on September 22, 2011.

In this update:

  • portable installation out of the box;
  • minor installer fixes;
  • multi-language support (English, German, French, Russian);
  • support of long paths (exceeding 260 characters) while searching duplicates;
  • minor interface fixes.

Check it right now!

Software should be as portable as possible, that’s our position. There was nothing complicated in introducing the possibility of Detwinner’s portable installation, so why not do it? Anyway, it’s better and more secure to have the portable version of software from its creator than from some random guy. So now there’s an option in our setup program to make the Detwinner installation portable, and have the best duplicate file finder on your flash drive.Portable installation optionBy default, the path of portable installation point to your Desktop, so don’t forget to change it to your flash drive (Dropbox folder, or folder with your portable programs, or anything you need).

And, for our international customers, we’ve introduced the first step of Detwinner localization: French, German and Russian languages in addition to default English one.

LanguagesConcerning long paths, be aware that Windows XP still doesn’t allow to delete files with very long paths to Recycle Bin. So if you won’t be able to do this, don’t be surprised. You still able to delete file permanently or move it to another folder.

Stay tuned!