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Detwinner 2.04.002 – minor update

Hello everyone!

While marked as a minor update, today’s release of Detwinner has a lot of changes under the hood. They are mainly focused on the performance improvements (including reduced memory consumption for 64-bit builds), but also some well-hidden bugs were addressed.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • fixes for search of images with paths containing non-latin characters;
  • optimized image previews;
  • several improvements to better detect similarities between images;
  • improved overall performance and memory consumption.

As usual, feel free to download the latest Detwinner version from

Detwinner Linux Edition 0.3.0

This release contains a bunch of improvements for detecting similar images, and now also animates GIF files when previewing them on the search results pane.

Detwinner on Ubuntu 18.04.3
  • proper preview of the animated GIFs;
  • improvements for the similar image search.

NeatMouse 1.05.002 – Minor update


Today’s update, NeatMouse 1.05.002, addresses the issue due to which NeatMouse was preventing the normal usage of Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys if they were set up as modifiers during the emulation.

In addition to this, the release includes many changes under the hood which are targeted on overall stability improvements.

To get familiar with NeatMouse, you can use the direct download link, visit its official page or even contribute on Github.

6030ea395ccd8e0e21635f8562b93659  neatmouse-1.05.002-setup.exe