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NeatMouse 1.02.064 – Minor update

christmas_mouseWe are glad to present NeatMouse 1.02.064 – the last release of the year, and most probably the last release of NeatMouse

The next year we will focus on the development of the new features which have been requested for quite a long time. Hopefully this will end up with the set of changes that will promote NeatMouse to a new major version.

Meanwhile we release a small update with the Romanian translation (big thanks to, and wish all of you the happiest New Year!

Download NeatMouse

NeatMouse 1.02.062 – Minor update

The new version of our mouse emulator – NeatMouse 1.02.062 – has been released today.

In this update we have added a new option which allows disabling system notifications when the mouse emulation is being activated or deactivated.

Thus, the main window of NeatMouse will look like this now:


Don’t hesitate to send to us all you comments and requests for NeatMouse!

Download NeatMouse

NeatMouse 1.02.060 – Minor update

The new version of our mouse emulator – NeatMouse 1.02.060 – has been released today.

In this release:

  • interface clean up;
  • Greek translation.

While this version of NeatMouse is mostly a technical release in preparation of new awesome features, we’ve also included a new translation in Greek language, created by our users from Thank you very much for this!


Bright and happy spring for everyone!

Download NeatMouse