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Detwinner 2.03.002 & NeatMouse 1.03.002 – double update

Hello everybody,

This Earth Day we’re happy to announce the updates for both of our products – Detwinner 2.03.002 and NeatMouse 1.03.002. These are mostly bug-fix releases containing changes related to the user interface and our update checker.

In addition NeatMouse is featuring a new installer, the same that was introduced in Detwinner a while ago.

Feel free to visit the product pages for the downloads:

Detwinner 2.03.001 – Major update

Hello everyone,

It’s time to present an updated version of Detwinner – 2.03.001.

detwinner-2-03-001It features a nice set of changes:

  • first of all, you are not presented any more with that scary search setting pane by default – instead, like the last release of NeatMouse, your may activate it with an Advanced view button:
  • interface and some translations are cleaned up (better multi-monitor support);
  • more robust and efficient search of similar images;
  • updated installer;
  • from now on – official support of Windows 10;
  • and last but not least – improved price tag: now you can get the full license for 1.99 € (or approximately $2.16 – as per today’s exchange rate).

So don’t hesitate and give a try to Detwinner!

Detwinner 2.02.360 – Minor update

The first release of the year 2014: Detwinner 2.02.360 – a new version of neat duplicate file finder – has been released on January 14.

While comprising mainly cosmetic changes (icons added here and there, translation improved and menus rearranged), this version contains a very small yet useful feature:

detwinner-excludeAs you can see, apart from the fact that the smart selection options have been moved to the separate submenu, a new command “Exclude from results list” appeared here. Evidently, with this command you can remove a duplicate group from result list without deleting the files contained in this group. In this way you can hide the files that you don’t want to delete, and then keep on working with remaining ones using the full range of selection tools that Detwinner provides.

Still, Detwinner is available for download and purchase here:

Have a great year!