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Detwinner Linux Edition 0.2.0

Hello everyone!

Today, almost one year after the initial release, we’re happy to present the updated version of our open-source duplicate file finder for Linux systems.

Main changes in this version:

  • A warning will be shown in case if the deletion of a file fails.
  • Program name is now correctly displayed in the taskbar instead of Untitled window.
  • Deletion will not stop if one of the files was already deleted elsewhere.
  • Recent shortcut is not shown anymore in the places sidebar.
  • Application menu has been removed to align with GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Flatpak now supports interactions with the trash bin — so it’s re-enabled in the flatpak version of Detwinner.
  • URLs and copyright notices were updated.
Detwinner 0.2.0 running on XFCE (Fedora 30)

As before, Detwinner can be downloaded either from this website (Downloads — Detwinner Linux Edition), or from the release page on Github.

Detwinner Linux Edition 0.1.0 – initial release


We’re proud to present our first software release for Linux platform – Detwinner Linux Edition. It is a graphical tool designed for GNOME environment which is capable of detecting file duplicates and similar images.

Detwinner Linux Edition is licensed under GPLv3 license and the source code is available on GitHub.

As of today we’re providing pre-built x64 binary packages for:

  • Fedora 28
  • Ubuntu 18.04

For the other distributions we have a Flatpak bundle (please be aware, though, that moving files to trash is not supported in the Flatpak release for the moment).

More information:

Main page of Detwinner Linux Edition

Downloads – Detwinner Linux Edition