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NeatMouse 1.05.000 – Going open source
Hello everyone! It happens more and more often that we are receiving diametrically opposite requests regarding the features which should be present in NeatMouse. We have managed to cope with this for a while, but it’s true that rejecting some … Continue reading

Detwinner 2.03.004 – minor update
Hi there! Today we’re celebrating the anniversary of Detwinner. Yes, this day five years ago the very first version of our neat duplicate finder has been released. Many things have changed since then, but one remains the same: Detwinner is … Continue reading

NeatMouse 1.04.000 – Major update
Dear all, We’re glad to announce the new major release of our mouse emulator – NeatMouse 1.04.000. The most noticeable changes comprise: Rearranged settings pane. Replacement of the Unbind key with the Activation modifier. Removal of the key repeat delay … Continue reading