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Detwinner 2.03.003 & NeatMouse 1.03.003 – minor updates
Hi, Today we’re releasing the minor updates for Detwinner and NeatMouse: Detwinner 2.03.003 NeatMouse 1.03.003 They target the issue with the settings not being saved in normal (non-portable) installations. As always, the setup files can be downloaded here:

Detwinner 2.03.002 & NeatMouse 1.03.002 – double update
Hello everybody, This Earth Day we’re happy to announce the updates for both of our products – Detwinner 2.03.002 and NeatMouse 1.03.002. These are mostly bug-fix releases containing changes related to the user interface and our update checker. In addition … Continue reading

Detwinner 2.03.001 – Major update
Hello everyone, It’s time to present an updated version of Detwinner – 2.03.001. It features a nice set of changes: first of all, you are not presented any more with that scary search setting pane by default – instead, like … Continue reading