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Detwinner 2

Speed up your PC by removing duplicate files


Detwinner 2.04 is the most powerful tool to find and remove duplicate files on your PC.

- De-dupe your files in a blink of an eye. Identify duplicate files by their content rather than name. Constrain your search by file type, size and modified date. Save your preferences once and use them as presets.

- Use the unbelievable flexible selection tool to mark found duplicates for deletion. Rely on automated feature of smart selection or select files manually and precisely. Regular expression selection is included.

- Decide by yourself what to do with the unneeded duplicates. Delete them permanently. Or to Recycle Bin. Or to your backup folder. And preview before deleting.

- Run Detwinner on Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Windows Server 2003 and Windows server 2008. Both 32 and 64 bit.

- Make a portable installation of Detwinner on your flash drive to have excellent duplicate file eliminator always on hand.

- Free trial allows searching among up do 1000 files per time. Purchase incredibly cheap license to remove this restriction and obtain free support, free minor upgrades and discounts for major ones.

- New! Find similar images on your PC in the same manner as you search exact duplicates with Detwinner.

Detwinner 2.04

Award winning duplicate file finder and remover for Windows.

detwinnerLearn more or downloadDownload it right now to check everything by yourself.



Control your mouse pointer with keyboard


NeatMouse 1.05 is the lightweight and simple utility that allows controlling your mouse with keyboard.

- Great solution for dealing with discharged wireless mouse.

- Workaround for naughty touchpad.

- Make precise moves with up-to-pixel accuracy.

NeatMouse 1.05

detwinnerLearn more or downloadDownload it right now to check everything by yourself.


Detwinner Linux Edition

The power of Detwinner brought to Linux desktops


Detwinner Linux Edition is the lightweight yet powerful tool for GNOME desktop environment which finds and removes exact file duplicates and similar images.

- Search for exact duplicates or similar images.

- Regular expressions for a precise search.

- Smart selection options to simplify the cleanup.

- Designed in the spirit of GNOME 3 desktop.

- Available for Fedora 28, Ubuntu 18.04 and as a Flatpak bundle.

- Free, open source, GPLv3-licensed.

Detwinner Linux Edition

detwinnerLearn more or downloadDownload it right now to check everything by yourself.


Latest news

Detwinner 2.04.001 – introducing a 64-bit build
August 12, 2019
Together with the usual bug fixing, the major 2.04.001 release of Detwinner marks the first time that we’re proposing a 64-bit build in additional to the traditional 32-bit one. This build will support the 64-bit versions of Windows starting from … Continue reading
Detwinner 2.03.011 – minor update
June 17, 2019
Detwinner 2.03.011 is the first release of this year. It includes a collection of stability improvements concerning both user interface and deep internals of our duplicate finder engine. As usual, feel free to download the latest version of Detwinner from: … Continue reading
Detwinner 2.03.010 – minor update
December 13, 2018
Detwinner 2.03.010 has been released today. It’s a maintenance release which includes a bunch of bug fixes and stability improvements, touching both UI side and Detwinner’s computational internals. Latest version of Detwinner is always available for download from its main … Continue reading
Detwinner Linux Edition 0.1.0 – initial release
September 16, 2018
Hello, We’re proud to present our first software release for Linux platform – Detwinner Linux Edition. It is a graphical tool designed for GNOME environment which is capable of detecting file duplicates and similar images. Detwinner Linux Edition is licensed … Continue reading