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NeatMouse 1.04.000 – Major update

Dear all,

We’re glad to announce the new major release of our mouse emulator – NeatMouse 1.04.000.

The most noticeable changes comprise:

  1. Rearranged settings pane.
  2. Replacement of the Unbind key with the Activation modifier.
  3. Removal of the key repeat delay when moving mouse pointer.

Let’s look at each of them in detail.

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Detwinner 2.03.002 & NeatMouse 1.03.002 – double update

Hello everybody,

This Earth Day we’re happy to announce the updates for both of our products – Detwinner 2.03.002 and NeatMouse 1.03.002. These are mostly bug-fix releases containing changes related to the user interface and our update checker.

In addition NeatMouse is featuring a new installer, the same that was introduced in Detwinner a while ago.

Feel free to visit the product pages for the downloads: